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Creative and Innovative Solutions for Acoustics design

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Interior Design

Creating cohesive, beautiful homes, rooms, and workspaces is the goal when it comes to full service design. This includes the completion of entire homes, groups of rooms, or a solitary room in a single installation.

Home Theaters

We create home theaters that match or transcend the quality of commercial cinemas. We provide turnkey home theaters, as well as consulting services to audio/video enthusiasts and custom installers.

Acoustics Auditorium Desgin

Auditoriums require premium sound quality for voice and music, delivering crisp tones and clarity to sound to every member of the seated audience.

Acoustics Testing, Consultation and Services

We do performing Acoustic noise testing and monitoring. We can determine an appropriate testing protocol for your needs, and ensure it is completed to the highest possible standards at one of our many test centers located across the country.

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One point contact for your acoustical requirements from Pre testing the site , execution as per the requirements for the site and pot testing simulation reports with complet speech clarity in the spaces .


A well trained in house Installation team for all your project executions. Experienced project engineers who will handle the site right from the beginning of the project to handover of the project . All products used from the most tried and tested company in the market . who are market leaders from past 50years .


Once the project is allotted , we will inspect the site , analyse the site conditions , 3D visualization of site designs for client, Quality of the job is ensured in all site with happy customer satisfaction.


Creative and Innovative Solutions for Acoustics design

The Phonic Acoustics Design Group was founded on the core principle of providing highest quality of Professional Acoustic & Audio Video Consulting & Implementation services with usage of Internationally reputed product line up . And every year, with growing experience, we have imbibed this principle into our every aspect of audio/video design, installations, system integration, and other customer services and consultations.




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Happy Client Say


Thank you Phonic Acoustics for your help with our Interior Designs. It's beautiful and everyone at home is very happy. Hope you have a wonderful holiday season as well.


The work in our house is done and we’re delighted with the results. Thank you for your keen artistic sense and openness in suggesting ideas. The colours complement each other and now there is an easy flow to the home which creates a space we can accent to be our own.


Thank you for making the whole process so enjoyable. We absolutely love our Home Theatre. Both Design & Acoustics are perfect -Everyone thinks it is amazing. You and your team have been a pleasure to work with.


A year ago we were looking for help infringing that final touch to a large Home, with a cathedral ceiling and two focal points. While searching , we found Phonic Acoustics. What a total delight! Pradeep and his team worked with us to create the design, helped source and buy certain pieces, retained the specialists to do the ceiling work as well as redo our columns, cordoned all the paint selections, and more. All along, he and team kept in touch with us through fast response emails as well as face to face consults. Excellent is all we can say. 


We would also like to thank you for the assistance that you provided us in designing the Home theatre. We receive nothing but compliments from friends and family.


Cher & I just wanted to say thanks so MUCH of the consultation – so helpful and informative! We're very excited about turning our space into our place. Thanks again.


Highly recommended Team of creative professionals. Collaboration with Phonic Acoustic runs smooth and timely. Working with them is pure pleasure.


I have been collaborating with Phonic  Acoustics for many Projects and there has never been a dull moment since the team is constantly updating their design structure.